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About Us

Welcome to Truck & Car Cassetta

Truck & Car Cassetta srl is a young company born from the initiative of the current single administrator Nicola Cassetta, heir to the ultratrentennial experience of the Cassetta Giuseppe family business.

The subject of the business, initially, was the truck trade with particular reference to light, medium and heavy goods vehicles.
Thanks to the long experience and the careful attention to the quality of our vehicles, today we are able to offer, in addition to a wide range of light and heavy vehicles, vans and trucks, also additional services ranging from the design of the vehicle to any type of equipment , Maintenance and what else can be required by the customer while maintaining a good competitive edge on the market.

Seriousness, fairness and courtesy have always been our most important business card.


Our company’s objective is to allow the customer to buy the right vehicle to carry out their business, achieving the best combination of the quality of the car and the price paid.
Never as today the market demands prompt and professional responses.
In this regard, our automotive sales services have evolved constantly improving the quality of service offered.

  • Coerency
  • Quality



Mechanic and electronic maintenance and repairs, repair of bodywork, painting, etc…

3rd axle and 4th axle, fixed chassis, folding chassis, crankshaft and towel, isothermal van with or without refrigerator unit, van, crane, drawbar, barges, hoops, caravans, semi-retractable folders.

You are looking for a vehicle to rent: we have several vehicles available for hire by car, transport people, transport things.